Sivad Ade is a boutique design firm operating out of Bushwick, Brooklyn. The main foundations of Creativity and Vision, are used to actively design for the future that most of us wish to see.  A future filled with culture and positivity. The designer here at Sivad Adé works hard to curate original looks that inspire people to seek and achieve higher consciousness by realizing their divinity. What people choose to wear can affect how they think, The founder Jephri SIvad has built his design theory on the concept of awareness and enlightenment, with the belief that social consciousness is the key to a more progressive humanity. Mental elevation is how we become the best individuals that our potential allows, how we understand others, how we conduct ourselves, and ultimately how we leave our mark on this earth. Sivad Adé is about moving humanity forward- starting with capturing the eye, ending with expanding the mind.



"Sivad Ade's purpose it to bring an air of consciousness to consumers through the connection of business, fashion, and community initiatives"

-Jephri Sivad