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Success via Change and Crowd Funding

Geoffrey Skeete

To the entrepreneurs out there that realize that they wont have the life they want if they live by the traditional work model. But also, and specifically for those entrepreneurs that want to make a difference in their communities. If we look at traditional Business models, the end game is profit. Whats the best way to set up my company and how much profit can my company make?...right? While this way of modeling has been successful for obvious reasons, not every entrepreneur has the necessary resources despite rendering superb goods or services to the consumer

Now the idea of restructuring the business model around a social endeavor, allows for the entrepreneur to provide something extra of substance to his/her consumer. Weather it be a sense of care for people and a community, or actual help based on the details of the social initiative. With Crowd funding becoming more popular as we progress further technologically, the use of this instrument provides great opportunities for the social entrepreneur. Using Crowd funding to leverage cost, thus lessening the need for investors. This substitution of procured capital can provide more of a profit margin, with the extra revenue to drive capital into their social initiatives. It makes more sense to collaborate with a non-profit program and allocating time and energy into developing a well designed crowd funding campaign.

How's your Vert? Part 1

Geoffrey Skeete

What is verticality? What is a person's state or condition of becoming vertical? Or the status of their upward progression? In my previous post I talk about verticality and I would like to go further into it from a subjective point of view. I'm only abandoning objectivity because verticality is not an object but a processual experience. One that is eventually the same for all but the variables are different. We all go through a life experience, but our lives vary to certain degrees. 

But what is verticality? In my best useful stream of thought, verticality directly represents ones ascension to a higher state of being through the active pursuit of progression when navigating ones life experiences. Firstly, if you believe in evolution and you believe in a higher power... Through logic, you believe in ascension. Ascension is the evolution of one's soul or ones state of being. Secondly, for me physical evolution is the spiritual cousin to ascension. Unlike physical evolution which has proven to be reactionary, ascension has to be pre-meditated. It is an intellectual form of evolution. Evolution through forethought of choice and action. We all wait for the day where we can go outside and get the chance to see someone flying, or for the chance to fly ourselves. What I've come to realize is that there are  many of us are already flying. If you are stuck to the beliefs and illusions of this physical existence, especially mentally, I might sound crazy to you. But, if you are aware that our existence extends beyond the physical plane, there is merit to my words. Lets take a moment and open our minds to the infinite possibility of existence. We can say that the physical is but a mere fraction of reality. We say this realization all the time, "sports is 90% mental and 10% physical", "mind over matter", or my favorite " I think therefore I am". These sayings lend to this understanding, but as a society, we don't abide by our own sayings holistically (Granted it might not be a popular train of thought, but the youth are becoming more aware of this way of thinking).  There are aspects to our reality that are prerequisites to our physical life that most of us do not know of and therefore have no reason for mastering them. Those that are aware and take the time to master these prerequisites, they  are the ones that are bound to fly.

How so?  ... These prerequisites are the other aspects of our reality. Aspects of our reality that govern the movements and causalities of our physical existence. The soul has true dominion over the spiritual and mentally existence. This dominions is our birthright, our source of divinity and connection to the Universal Mind, God, and/or the Most High. So when we talk about verticality, It is the soul that is flying when mastering these aspects of life. If your spiritual, and mental existence are not something that is actively addressed with intentions of progression when navigating the physical experiences of life, the physical existence will never be a reflection of a flying soul, but a reactionary existence filled with predatory stimuli, akin to animals in the wild. A soul that is flying does so spiritually and mentally. It is the soul that has the ability to go through life as a superbeing. For the soul encompasses the divinity of the Universal Mind, God, the Most High. Navigating and Accomplishing task that the physical could not do alone. 

Verticality = Ascension =  Flight of the soul = Mastering the Mind and Spirit




Living in your Sivad

Geoffrey Skeete

To live in your Sivad is to live in your spirit achieving all that is meant for you. To many of us will never achieve our fullest potential in this life time. But I want to see that change. We left Pisces and entered into Aquarius. The water Bearer, the one bringing life force energy. Take note to the rise in motivational speakers, and activists over the next generation and the advancement in consciousness that leads to the freedom of people mentally. We are coming to a time where becoming and living in your Sivad is the actual journey of life. Where the Jesus or messiah complex should lay root in your consciousness only to be nurtured by you soul. This world has entered into a higher dimension where only those operating on a higher consciousness can thrive and create ... So one must ascend into their higher self, and live in their Sivad. 

Love peace and consciousness to all 



Sometimes the consciousness must flow

Sometimes the consciousness must flow


Verticality of Becoming

Geoffrey Skeete

I have come to terms with the fact that some of us are not here to evolve. Not yet at least. Although I cannot dive into the minds of any adjacent human being, I can sense the lack of motivation for our souls improvement. The very basis of conscious living and self love IS soul improvement... These particular humans seem content living a horizontal existence instead of our vertical journey. Majority have no awareness of this vertical direction in which they can travel because it is a spiritual flight. A flight that only souls becoming  gods can make. It's about striving and being better than the last go around. Striving is pushing through the struggle with the purpose of becoming better. Struggle with no aim for your souls improvement leaves you at the same frequency and vibration as the last go around; keeping you grounded. Horizontal beings struggle, contempt with existing even if it's not what they want. Vertical beings strive through the struggle because they know there is more to world and themselves. Your god is your vehicle to higher existences and it awaits you, the soul, for your vertical journey higher.

- S I V A D -