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Verticality of Becoming

Geoffrey Skeete

I have come to terms with the fact that some of us are not here to evolve. Not yet at least. Although I cannot dive into the minds of any adjacent human being, I can sense the lack of motivation for our souls improvement. The very basis of conscious living and self love IS soul improvement... These particular humans seem content living a horizontal existence instead of our vertical journey. Majority have no awareness of this vertical direction in which they can travel because it is a spiritual flight. A flight that only souls becoming  gods can make. It's about striving and being better than the last go around. Striving is pushing through the struggle with the purpose of becoming better. Struggle with no aim for your souls improvement leaves you at the same frequency and vibration as the last go around; keeping you grounded. Horizontal beings struggle, contempt with existing even if it's not what they want. Vertical beings strive through the struggle because they know there is more to world and themselves. Your god is your vehicle to higher existences and it awaits you, the soul, for your vertical journey higher.

- S I V A D -