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Living in your Sivad

Geoffrey Skeete

To live in your Sivad is to live in your spirit achieving all that is meant for you. To many of us will never achieve our fullest potential in this life time. But I want to see that change. We left Pisces and entered into Aquarius. The water Bearer, the one bringing life force energy. Take note to the rise in motivational speakers, and activists over the next generation and the advancement in consciousness that leads to the freedom of people mentally. We are coming to a time where becoming and living in your Sivad is the actual journey of life. Where the Jesus or messiah complex should lay root in your consciousness only to be nurtured by you soul. This world has entered into a higher dimension where only those operating on a higher consciousness can thrive and create ... So one must ascend into their higher self, and live in their Sivad. 

Love peace and consciousness to all 



Sometimes the consciousness must flow

Sometimes the consciousness must flow