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Success via Change and Crowd Funding

Geoffrey Skeete

To the entrepreneurs out there that realize that they wont have the life they want if they live by the traditional work model. But also, and specifically for those entrepreneurs that want to make a difference in their communities. If we look at traditional Business models, the end game is profit. Whats the best way to set up my company and how much profit can my company make?...right? While this way of modeling has been successful for obvious reasons, not every entrepreneur has the necessary resources despite rendering superb goods or services to the consumer

Now the idea of restructuring the business model around a social endeavor, allows for the entrepreneur to provide something extra of substance to his/her consumer. Weather it be a sense of care for people and a community, or actual help based on the details of the social initiative. With Crowd funding becoming more popular as we progress further technologically, the use of this instrument provides great opportunities for the social entrepreneur. Using Crowd funding to leverage cost, thus lessening the need for investors. This substitution of procured capital can provide more of a profit margin, with the extra revenue to drive capital into their social initiatives. It makes more sense to collaborate with a non-profit program and allocating time and energy into developing a well designed crowd funding campaign.