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Being a Brand Representative. for Sivad Adé will say a lot about your character and what you represent. Sivad Adé represents "The highest potential of the crown". For us the crown is ultimate consciousness, having the ability to be in tuned with your higher self. Our Brand Reps. will not only represent the fullest potential of themselves but also the fullest potential of society through the crown. A new breed of individuals that follow their higher self (their Sivad). We are looking for reps that have style and a positive inner compass. If you wish to be part of a movement that strives to enlighten and make changes through fashion and art ... Please sign up to be a Sivad Adé Brand Rep.

Brand Rep.

  • Establishing a consumer based network around products produced by Sivad Ade.

    • Promote brand via social media and word of mouth


  • Compensation
    • Commission points on all sales

    • Bonus points on traceable social media ads

    • B.R. member discount on select products