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One day you wake up and you realize something about yourself that is so significant to your growth that it alters you forever. You wake up and you realize you will never reach… you can look at it in a bad way and feel like a failure or you can keep pushing knowing that you will never plateau, only acquire new levels of achievement higher than the last but lower than the next.  As a human race we subconsciously know that we can never reach perfection and we've stop striving to achieve higher levels of greatness and higher levels of consciousness.


One day I woke up and realized that I had the acumen to be whatever I wanted to be but my spirit was only fixed on one thing. Being a person that gave back to society in a tremendous way by doing what I love from a conscious place in my love for humanity. To give the only way I know how and the only way I want to live in this world. I want to give money, love, consciousness, knowledge, perspective, encouragement,… pretty much anything that will help lift society to the next level of experiencing.


 I have always been into style. Growing up in NY you are basically groomed to be aware of your own presence and what it says to your brethren about yourself. Style for me is more of a therapeutic process that allows you to unravel the layers of yourself, to dive into your DNA and resonate with your own energy.


Fashion for many, if they know it or not, is a direct expression of their core concepts in life. The way you dress is a direct correlation of the projected image of your true ego self. Many of us think we know who we are and yet many of us don’t know our own triggers. An individual with style and confidence is and has been intimate with their self, exploring their boundaries with an open mind and acceptance. My design theory calls for that exact self-exploration, to find ones higher mode of existence. In essence designing clothes for that aspect of the human experience. Creating a fashion benchmark for a conscious existence that builds and propels society forward to a constructive future economically, morally, and creatively.