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The Beginning



I began developing a story or purpose for the brand once I decided to change my major once more to Fashion Design and attend the art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.  It was 2008 and I began my first semester. I was in a track for women's wear but I had my own agenda. All I needed was the basics. I began building the concept of the brand around a neck line. I started the process of finding an element that would set me apart from other designers and be meaningful to the progression of my culture. I observed a lot of ancient African civilizations and I got hung up on Kemet (Egypt) and the pharaohs. I saw the balance between the masculine and the feminine, with the level of power they possessed coupled with their connection to nature. So I began taking those elements of power and overstanding. I brought them through to a time, where subjugation of the African continent never happened, to an alternate modern day time. I would ask myself, what would it look like today, different history, in a global melting pot? How would that power and overstanding be represented by the people through fashion. It is these questions that guide not only my design process years later, but also the brands conscious initiatives, and business model.